NEWS Walvoort group

5 & 11 March 2020:

Liubov won the local FameLab competition. Congratulation!

The second competition, she will be joining, is on Wednesday, 11th of March (14:00-17:00 pm) in the Forum. There she will present her thesis in 3 minutes to a broad audience.

20 August 2019:
Marthe speaks at performing arts festival Noorderzon

During the Noorderzon Festival, Marthe gave a lecture on ‘The various faces of sugar’ at the event Noorderlichten, organized by the Young Academy Groningen. Noorderlichten was a 5-day event that included scientific activities and experiments for children during the day, and four mini-lectures for adults every night, where the audience was wearing headphones. In Marthe’s interactive lecture, people were taught about the molecular structure and sweetness of sugars, their (unexpected) addition to food, and learned about ‘good’ and ‘bad’ sugars.

1 August 2019:
Pushpa starts as PhD-student in the group

We welcome Pushpa as a new PhD student in the group! She will be working on a collaborative project with Patrick van der Wel at the Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials, within the framework of the project Physics of Cancer. See for more information:

18 July 2019:
The yearly Sugar Team Event!

With all PhDs, students and significant others, we had a tour of the Martinus Brewery in Groningen, including beer tasting, followed by dinner at Wadapartja – thanks to Vincent for organizing! h

30 June – 4 July 2019:
The Sugar Team attends the 20th Eurocarb symposium in Leiden

Stella gave an oral presentation about her work on the stereoselective glycosylations with talose. Liubov gave an oral presentation about the generation of peptide substrates for bacterial glycosyltransferases. And Michela presented a poster on the isolation of exopolysaccharides.

3 June 2019:
Day Chair at ISCOMS 2019

Marthe chaired the pre-course day of the International Student Congress Of (bio)Medical Sciences. On the first day of this congress, the students were treated to a great line-up of plenary speakers, and could choose from a variety of workshops from the biomedical sciences.

24 May 2019:
Lecture at the Betamasterclass

At the Betamasterclass organized by the KNG and ScienceLinx, Marthe gave a short lecture entitled ‘Sugars: healthy or not?’ for high school students. In only 15 minutes, they learned about the structure and function of different sugars.

24 May 2019:
Lecture at the Oncology Research Meeting

Marthe delivered a lecture entitled ‘Glycobiology: the study of sugars in health and disease’ at the Oncology Research Meeting at the University Medical Center Groningen. With an audience with diverse backgrounds (doctors, researchers, analysts from medical oncology, gynecology, pulmonology), there was an inspiring discussion afterwards!

25 April 2019:
Stratingh Seminar by Justin Ragains

We hosted Justin Ragains from the Louisiana State University for a department seminar. He gave an inspiring lecture on photochemistry and carbohydrates. Check out his website: